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a story without broken ice

February 14, 2010

We went to Griffy Lake, just for the fun of it.

We walked around

Sat on benches

And threw snowballs at various things…

All before daring to step on the lake, know…we didn’t want to fall in.

Yeah, but that’s not adventurous.

So he steps onto the ice…

“No, don’t come out here. It’s making noises. You know the first thing to do if it breaks don’t you?” Me: “uhh…what?” “You leave immediately to get someone.” Me: “I leave? I don’t just call someone, but I leave you here to go find help?” “YES.”

I’ll let you consider that one and I’ll continue…

There’s nothing like attempting to reach a stick that is 4 feet away from you while trying your hardest not to slip.

He becomes comfortable on the ice, decides its not going to break, and finally gestures for me to follow

“You wanna come?”


The end. (highly entertaining, I know)

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