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[almost] a post without photographs

February 16, 2010

I have found happiness in so many things. So many tiny things, too. And by tiny I don’t mean too small to be important (well, you can be the judge of that). I mean not always visible to all of you.

1. Leap year. The thought of leap year makes me happy. The actual day, not the movie. I have no idea what is so intriguing about it except that it only occurs once every 4 years.

2. Journal fullness. I get this surge of happiness when my journals become somewhat full. The first time I open my journal and it takes a while to sift through to find the first crisp, clean page I feel nothing but happiness. Giddy-like happiness, actually.

3. Receiving mail. Checking my mailbox daily is a ritual of mine. There is always this sense of hope that comes with climbing the grand staircase in my house knowing that I am about to reach my tall, slender mailbox that sits on the bottom (where else would the “W”s be?) of a wall full of ninety-six mailboxes. Something about that just gets me. Just the process of checking my mail thrills me, but finding a card, magazine, package, or note inside? Slightly too thrilling for my own good if you ask me.

4. Post-it notes. To leave notes, act as bookmarks, use as “Important!” markers in text books, to take the place of a sketch pad, and to use for just about anything under the sun. What I love the most about them is that I have so many options and getting to choose the perfect color, shape, or design each time is simply ridiculous fun.

5. Peppermint Patties. Unreal. I dare you: go get a peppermint patty. Unwrap it slowly just because that adds to the excitement. Hold the peppermint patty in both hands close to your ear. Delicately pull and tear the peppermint patty into two pieces. Make sure your listening ears are on (sorry, that’s the teacher in me) and experience the most delightful sound that is oh so commonly unheard. Then, get back to me if you still wonder why I love this.

6. Hand warmth. More specifically the hand warmth I feel when holding a Peppermint or Mayan Mocha from the Pourhouse. When I visit the Pourhouse-my favorite place to spend time-I always purchase a drink. Not because I’m thirsty, not because it sounds good, not because I’m addicted to caffeine. I purchase it for the warmth. And by this I don’t only mean the heat given off by the steaming liquid, but rather the warmth it brings to my heart knowing where the money went, knowing that peoples’ lives are being enhanced, that clothes are being put on their backs, that they are able to receive medical attention all because I (along with many others) spent $3.65 on a drink.

A post without photos? I don’t think I can do it, so enjoy these birds that I found on the coast of Texas.

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