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currently being told “no”

March 1, 2010

I am in need

of sun,

of warm weather,

of comfortable walks across campus,

of sitting by the Showalter Fountain with my feet barely touching the cold water,

of perfect outdoor photography weather,

of camping,

of walking to the Chocolate Moose,

of wearing skirts,

of picnics and homework in Dunn Meadow,

of reading on my porch swing at home,

of enjoying smoothies on the brightly colored picnic tables at Soma,

of after-dinner walks on cool nights with my mom,

of a lengthy bike rides,

of buying lemonade from kids with lemonade stands,

of making homemade ice cream with my grandma,

of grilling out and eating on the screened-in-porch,

of swinging on the swing set in my backyard,

of going to the driving range,

of looking at the stars,

of wearing my sunglasses and actually needing them,

of a long hike,

of hearing the ice-cream man and sprinting towards him,

of not having to wash so many pairs of socks,

of catching lightning bugs,

of eating watermelon and strawberries,

of going to the “cutouts” with friends,

of planting a garden,

of jumping rope and maybe playing “skip-it,”

of making fresh guacamole,

of studying or reading at Lake Griffey,

of wandering through my elementary school’s playground,

of greeting the mailman with a Coke instead of coffee,

of climbing a tree,

of feeding ducks,

of a snow cone from Snow Castle,

of wearing flip-flops and rolled up jeans,


I am in need of swimming.

The spark that fueled the fire of all things I “need” right now? This photograph I took last summer. It’s telling me NO! Along with the temperature. And the snow. And the clouds. [I know I don’t “need” any of the above; they’re just fun to wish for!]

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