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the first 48 hours of summer

May 3, 2010

Since my summer began about 48 hours ago I have…

tried frozen hot chocolate for the first time

spent a good amount of time roaming about in Barnes & Noble

covered some last-minute details about summer housing

watched The Break Up and Serendipity (yep, 2 nights of chick-flicks)

bought 3 new Moleskin journals, each for its own purpose (yes, I like to separate my writing based on content)

walked 2-miles to raise awareness for Autism

“studied” my new photography equipment

found my bed turned down with a mint on my pillow

showered  five (5) times

edited pictures at the Pourhouse

written thank-you notes

watched Lord of the Rings and had homemade pot-pie with friends

given myself a few more general photography mini-lessons

watched a friend’s YouTube videos from the semester she has spent cruising the world’s oceans

given Kortney her birthday present—early. All because we think too much alike. I bought her a journal and less than 4 hours later she tells me she’s headed to Barnes & Noble to pick out a new journal and she just has to go now because she’s inspired. Needless to say, she didn’t go. She liked the journal I picked out for her. :)


taken photographs of over 35 soon-to-be college graduates

-Hints of who they are…

Group #1

Group #2

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