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i love my Ssekos

April 6, 2011

{pronounced “say-co”}

I discovered these online a couple of weeks ago. I knew I had to have them after I read their story.  You see, these are not only extraordinary sandals, but they are made by women in Uganda.  After they graduate from secondary school (high school to us), they are given 9 months before the classes at the university begin.  They designed the school system this way so that students would be able to work in order to pay their tuition.  The women who make Ssekos do so within that 9 month gap between secondary school and the university.  Sseko Designs hires them to make the sandals.  The money they  make goes directly to their education.  The sandals are made by these women, each sandal with a story, each woman with a dream.

When you purchase the sandals you’ll receive the base, as pictured above, in addition to the straps.

The great thing about Ssekos is that you can wear them in so many different ways.  The base has 5 anchor points for the ribbons to be thread through. You can literally tie them any way you want.  On the cardboard that the ribbon comes on, it shows you how to tie your sandals in the classic Sseko way.  They also have a YouTube site that demonstrates other ways to tie your Ssekos.

AND…not only can you change the way you tie them, but you can also buy many different ribbons.  It’s such a versatile sandal.

Here’s how I tied mine the first time I wore them.

i love my Ssekos.

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  1. Valerie permalink
    April 6, 2011 3:24 pm

    Love em!! Emily, they remind me of the leather flip flops that I had made in Nashville, IN when I was at IU. I wore them for years. This is a great find! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  2. Charissa permalink
    April 6, 2011 11:06 pm

    this is cool. im tempted to use these for bridesmaids.

    • April 6, 2011 11:08 pm

      You should! They’d look great! Just 5 minutes ago I finished your pictures. I get home from Texas tomorrow, so they’ll be ready when I get there!

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