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Love, Obsession, Appreciation {Pinterest}

June 26, 2011


Here’s how it works…

To find your pin…

…I would have had more photos here to show you that I used this tutorial to to stamp a large canvas; however, I haven’t done that yet.  I lost all of my paint probably during the move from my apartment back home last summer. I have a block, yarn, and a canvas, now all I need is the paint. But for now, I hope this Pinterest tutorial was enough without the final product. It’s about the journey away, right? Not the end result… :)

If you’d like more information regarding what Pinterest is about and the many things you can do with it, click here.

To get a Pinterest account, you have to have an invitation.  You can request an invite on their page or a friend who already has Pinterest can do it for you.  The only bad thing about requesting an invite from Pinterest is that sometimes it can take quite a few days for them to get back to you.  I’d be happy to invite you if you’re interested–you’ll be able to set up your account immediately after I send your invitation. Once I’m excited about something, I need immediate gratification, so if you’re anything like me, just leave a comment on this post, message me, etc., and I’ll get an invite out to you momentarily.

P.S. You all should get a Pinterest. Then I’ll follow you and you can follow me. We can create, inspire, organize, and have fun all together. :)

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  1. Barbara permalink
    June 26, 2011 7:41 pm

    I would love to get a Pinterest account if you could help me

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