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Paige & James…married!

July 22, 2011

They wanted a destination wedding. They wanted a beautiful location, but they also wanted their closest friends and family to be able to attend. I’d say they did a fabulous job choosing a location–Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia. They found a gorgeous house that would be able to accomodate many people.  They did this all online and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks before the wedding that Paige’s father drove down from Indiana to make sure it was exactly what they were looking for.  The house sits on a large property with a pool, fire pit, gazebo, sand volleyball court, a teeter-totter, and hammock—all on the lake. Beautiful to say the least.

The location allowed all of the guests to make a mini-vacation out of it, so it was a very relaxing, intimate setting.

They were married Saturday, June 4th 2011

The day was started with a brunch for the ladies followed by some pool time.

As Paige said, this is the “broken zipper face”—nothing like putting your dress on only to find it’s broken! Thanks to her mom and older sister, it was fixed in no time. 

There is something so special to me about having your mom and dad walk you down the isle. 

At every wedding I snap a photo of the groom as the bride is walking down the isle. I always love them. 

Such a great place for a wedding ceremony

Husband and wife! 

I couldn’t decide which of the next two I liked the best. So you get to see them both.


Congratulations, Paige & James!

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  1. Melissa Friedman permalink
    July 26, 2011 12:51 am

    These are absolutely gorgeous pictures…it looks like you had a fabulous day. Congrats Paige and James!

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