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Em & Matt…engaged!

December 30, 2011

This couple blew. my. mind.  I’ve never heard so much truthful love expressed between two people.  My goodness—they are SO IN LOVE.  They had no problem hanging out together as if my camera was not a few feet from their faces and still sharing with each other the reasons they love one another, the goofiest thing about the other, what they were wanting for dinner that night, or how great their wedding day would be.  No, I did not prompt any of these conversations.  Sparked by each of them.  They had no trouble feeling comfortable infront of the camera.  No trouble expressing their feelings for each other despite the fact a photographer, who had never met them, was clicking the shutter button like there was no tomorrow (because she was so giddy with what she saw through the lens).   And because of that–because they were easy going, comfortable, up for anything, and down-right IN LOVE–these images make me so proud. Proud  of the captured moments of honest and true love these two share.

Maybe if I start doing workshops and/or “What To Wear For Your Engagement Session” posts, Em and Matt would like to participate.  Because this couple has some style!  Maybe…just maybe I could convince them. ;)

So refreshing and joy-filling to look at, am I right?

(You’ll see them back on the blog after their May 2012 wedding.)

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