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Bridal Portraits//Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center

April 18, 2012

Hello!  This post is a fun one.  Somehow, I successfully convinced two of my friends to model for me at the Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center a few weeks ago.  I had a booth set up at their amazing Bridal Experience that they held April 6th, so in preparation, I thought it would be fun to get a few shots in and around the building.  One of my friends, Lauren, who you’ve heard about before if you read this post, is already married.  She responded to a spur-of-the-moment text 3 hours before we were scheduled to be at the Mill Top, threw her dress on, got herself all gussied up, and jumped in the car.  I mean that literally.  The girl pulled up already wearing her wedding dress.  A hilarious sight, that’s for sure.  Jill is not married.  She wore a friend’s dress (thanks, Priscila!!!!) to model for me.  Again…SHE DID NOT GET MARRIED!  Just in case you’d look at these wondering if Jill and Aaron got married, the answer is no, not yet.  Anyway, this was so, so fun.  I’m glad they put up with me and my crazy requests.

“Wait…they’re almost all of Jill, what happened to Lauren?”  I bet that’s what you’re thinking.  That’s because Lauren is a photographer herself AND one of my second-shooters.  I invited her to bring her camera as well.  So she spent a little while in her dress and then continued to photograph Jill.  See?

(photos taken with Instagram. Username: elouise20)

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