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Emily & Cody…married!

May 15, 2012

Wow!  After planning a wedding while they were a state apart, the day finally came.  Emily & Cody, whose love is so obvious and genuine, were married on a beautiful day in May.  I’m so thankful I was able to share their day with them.  I first met them about a year ago for their engagement session(s)—it rained unexpectedly on the first, so we had to reschedule (I didn’t mind one bit.  I really enjoyed getting to know them.).  Over the next 11 months, as I spoke with them about their big plans, I knew it would be a wedding that I would always remember.  Emily’s father is from Thailand.  He came to Indiana for college, met Emily’s mom, and returned only to visit after making the decision to stay in the states to raise a family with her.  The Thai traditions were just one way this wedding was made so unique and special.

A quick “Just Married!!!!” photo booth picture immediately following the ceremony.

I LOVED this bridal party!


Emily & Cody, THANK YOU!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m sure you absolutely adored your time in Greece!

I look forward to many more sessions with you.  Maybe a 1 yr. anniversary session?  Family sessions in the future? :)


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