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Kristen & Wes…married!

July 12, 2012

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is making new friends and getting a peek into the love they share.  Meeting new people and being trusted to photograph them is the greatest.  Spending one of the best days of their lives with them is a joy, for sure.

Kristen & Wes were married in Indianapolis on June 16.   Together, Kristen and Wes are very calm, genuine, and full of laughter!  I admire the sense of security, relaxation, and confidence they share when they’re in each other’s presence.

Kristen’s dress was amazing.  She had it designed by Rachel Alvia.  Rachel creates custom dresses and they turn out wonderfully!  Check out her site–I’ll definitely be referring her to future brides.

Kristen’s had a light pink tone to it with touches of grey.  Beautiful!

How fun are these robes Kristen gave each of her bridesmaids?

Kristen & Wes choose to do a “first look” on their big day.  Oh, how I LOVE doing first looks.  

After a few e-mails with Kristen, she told me that she thought I’d fall in love with their reception venue.  She said it was something she thought was right up my alley.  Boy was she right!  It’s called The Speakeasy and it’s a relatively new venue in Indianapolis.  Very industrial and an atmosphere unlike any place I’ve ever photographed.  It’s filled with unique furniture including couches, chairs, and vintage trunks for coffee tables.  So cool!

The plan was to take photos at the IMA, but it was incredibly hot, so they decided we’d go to The Speakeasy early.  Perfect…we got to capture the venue without people, so we were able to get every detail.  And the venue seemed more “them” than the IMA.  Good choice, guys!

Why hello, pretty chairs and pretty couple!

Needless to say, I did not mention anything about being an IU grad.

The beautiful flowers were done by McNamara Florists.  They always do an amazing job. 

After the ceremony, a slideshow was played for the guests to enjoy.  Here, the newly wedded couple are watching from right outside the sanctuary. 

 And because they chose to do the first look, there was no need to keep guests waiting at the reception!  They headed straight from the church to The Speakeasy.

And a sparkler exit to end the night!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!  Best of luck to you guys!!!

Emily Weis Photography is up for Best Photographer in Indianapolis on the Indy-A List.  Would you be so kind to take a few minutes and vote?  I would be so greatful!

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  1. August 28, 2012 3:49 pm

    I stumbled on this post as I was searching for a unique venue for my wedding next year and I LOVE this reception venue!! Any idea on how I can get in touch with them? I’ve tried emailing but no luck with a response. I’m wondering if only members can rent? If you know any details that you can pass on let me know. Great photos, too! :)

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